The 3 Best Ways to Keep your Oath

When all self-control fails, and one seems at the edge of orgasming, and breaking their oath, there needs to be safeguards to break the cycle, to shutdown and restart the system. I recommend at least 3, if not more. Again, these might be different for everyone, but these are my 3 examples:

 1) Technology

When using a magazine, or a book to mastrubate, its easy to close it, toss it away, or finish it before you cum. But, with the interent, there is always MORE. How do you deal with this? Close and toss away your laptop, hold the power button and shut it down. Turn it off before it can get to you. As your hand clutches your cock, move your other hand to the power button, and turn it off. Wash you face, cool down, and calm down for a second. Danger averted. 

 2) Environment

Be effecient. Use whatever space you have to pull yourself back to reality, and remind yourself of your oath. Print out your plan, and put it up on the wall. Pin your oath, or a picture of something to remind you of reality. A gross pitcture can also help, but only pull it when you are mastrubating. Have some ice around, and grab it when touching your penis to help it shrink, or stop altogether. I sometimes put a board on my chair between my arm rests. That way, I can't even get to my cock, and it lets me cool down quickly. 

 3) Clothing

I wear clothing when mastrubating to dull the sensitivity, and also so I can't grab my cock easily. I'll have to grind away at it for a while to cum, but when I'm horny, and in denial for a while, even that won't take too long. Have towels to hide your cock quickly while you stare at gross photos to bring yourself down. Remeber, you HAVE TO LIKE it. Enjoy the high of not cumming instead of WANTING to cum. Its here where the real sensations live, as you swim in your own horniness.

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  1. There are times when nothing works. Sometimes I get a hardon that just won't go away. Once I prepared a bucket of icewater and positioned myself over it in pushup position. As I pushed my cock into the freezing cold I came so hard I almost passed out. Another time I slathered my hardcock and balls in icyhot only to cum all over as I ran for the shower. I have tried slapping my cockballsasshole with a wooden ruler only to discover this brings me to climax over and over again. The longest I have gone sans cum is 2 wks... after which I woke from a wet dream still spraying cum on my face chest stomach and thighs. I think part of my problem is that I love to eat my cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.