The 3 Best Ways to Keep your Oath

When all self-control fails, and one seems at the edge of orgasming, and breaking their oath, there needs to be safeguards to break the cycle, to shutdown and restart the system. I recommend at least 3, if not more. Again, these might be different for everyone, but these are my 3 examples:

 1) Technology

When using a magazine, or a book to mastrubate, its easy to close it, toss it away, or finish it before you cum. But, with the interent, there is always MORE. How do you deal with this? Close and toss away your laptop, hold the power button and shut it down. Turn it off before it can get to you. As your hand clutches your cock, move your other hand to the power button, and turn it off. Wash you face, cool down, and calm down for a second. Danger averted. 

 2) Environment

Be effecient. Use whatever space you have to pull yourself back to reality, and remind yourself of your oath. Print out your plan, and put it up on the wall. Pin your oath, or a picture of something to remind you of reality. A gross pitcture can also help, but only pull it when you are mastrubating. Have some ice around, and grab it when touching your penis to help it shrink, or stop altogether. I sometimes put a board on my chair between my arm rests. That way, I can't even get to my cock, and it lets me cool down quickly. 

 3) Clothing

I wear clothing when mastrubating to dull the sensitivity, and also so I can't grab my cock easily. I'll have to grind away at it for a while to cum, but when I'm horny, and in denial for a while, even that won't take too long. Have towels to hide your cock quickly while you stare at gross photos to bring yourself down. Remeber, you HAVE TO LIKE it. Enjoy the high of not cumming instead of WANTING to cum. Its here where the real sensations live, as you swim in your own horniness.

Some new pron sources...

Found some new sources, and though to share with you guys.

VOLO Magazine
Hentai( A bit iffy for me... but I like it from time to time.)

Join Us!

Motivation - It's the hardest part of life, and the hardest part of orgasm denial. But a few months earlier, a gentlemen contacted through my email, and asked if I wanted to be a cum-denial brother, where we would make a pact to each other to not cum, and if we did, we would be punished, and had to report our mistakes, thus making it easier for us to be in orgasm denial. We had varying levels of punishment, self-enforced of course, levels that one would achieve by going that many days without an orgasm and so on. We only had email communication, but still had a lot of support behind me, and flourished for the first time. Unfortunately, he had to leave due to some family-issues, and we have only recently reconnected, and wanted to see if other people would join in on our pledge, report days/ punishments, and encourage ALL of us on, and keep yourself contained. 6 Months seems an eternity, but with this system, it may become easier, even making you think of going a whole year without an orgasm. If you are interested in joining our group, email me at , and we can get you setup, take the oath and join our cum-denial brotherhood. 

-Sequitur Norm

Update - Best Sites/People

It has been a while, but here is my new porn round trip. Again, BE CAREFUL, I don't want to be responsible for people breaking their orgasm denial periods. My challenge to you is to develop, and have a fool-proof, or effective exit-plan before trying these sources. Experiment with music, ice, light/dark, turning off your computer etc. Have Fun!


Angie Verano
Halle Diez

Amber Rayne (This chick is insane, and has an insatiable sexual desire, and deep throats like no other.) 
Jenni Lee

My Views and Strategies

We all have different reasons for going into orgasm denial. Some common ones are stress relief (YES after a while, it gets to be relaxing), excitement, pleasure, self-control etc. My views on this issue is a combination of all of these, but I see orgasm-denial as just becoming more and more hornier every day, simple as that. If you can accomplish this, then you are in orgasm denial, or a variation of that sort. Personally, this challenge is what motivates me everyday. I have started my orgasm denial again today, 4/19, and just wanted to reviews some key points.


  • How- Be careful WHERE you go about teasing yourself. Try to avoid the head, or the underside, and go for the middle. Soft touches over jacking off help too. WHEN you stop having soft touches, and start jacking off, shut your computer, and take a break. 
  • Breaks - Break time is absolutely necessary for any successful orgasm denial, simply because it makes self-control easier, and that all important point-of-no return harder to cross. Worst comes to worst, take a thick towel, and lay it over your lap, and obstruct simulation while you listen to some smooth jazz (works for me pretty well). Other good methods: Literally tie your hands to a chair or immobilize them, use ice, listen to music, read a book etc. Find your OWN techniques that work. 
  • Analyze - WORST thing you can do is make the same mistake twice. Do you edge too much, and just end up cumming like most of the people out there? Then edge less frequently, in different areas, or have effective cool down periods. Have a point in your schedule that is hard?, i.e. - the 2nd week is really hard for me.Then, realize this, and don't edge that week. You will still become hornier, so it is orgasm denial, but just hold off on the edging for a while. Have a journal, mine is this blog, that records your experiences EVERYDAY. Except for emergencies or stressful weeks, this journal should always be full. LEARN from yourself, you are your best teacher. 
  • Be Smart - Know when to stop and start, and when you can push yourself to the limit, and when you're too tired to resist the urge to cum. If your having a bad string of bad periods, short times 3-4 days before cumming, then rest, then start again fresh. Work your way up to a month, a year etc. DON'T jump into it, and expect to succeed. I have had a bad string of starts this entire month, but today am determined to beat that.
Hope these tips helped you, but I only have a small set of ideas. How do you overcome the urge to cum, and live the high life? Why do you do it? Comment bellow to help me, and your fellow cum-denial posse. 

Managing the Internet

The internet is probably the biggest problem with Orgasm Denial. After all, where else would we get our porn, and urge to cum? From magazines, spouses, minds? No, the Internet, where porn is always lurking around. Here is how to thwart it. 


Everyone knows what turns him or her on, and some form of it is probably available on the internet. Pictures, Videos, Stories, GIFS, and so on... But, in most situations, a video will make you hornier than a picture, and a story will have a lower effect on your self. Judge how horny you are. Are you really ready for that 1-Hour Movie, or just gonna stick with some Chive ? Its a conscious choice that we make, and in the end, we control ourselves. Close to cumming? Think about the consequences of ending your orgasm denial, and crank up that music to distract yourself. Find your own way, and see what works. Make promises, and try not to break them. Isn't that what life is about? 

Update- I am Back

One of my friends, also a blogger, told me about the "blogging curse," that once you start blogging, thing usually collude to make you stop. Of course, I didn't believe it at that time, but now, after breaking up with my mistress, switching jobs and states, I may have been through hardships, but am happier now, and have learned so much over the past 2 months I stopped blogging. Thank You for all your support and I will keep this blog going, blogging once a day, all year. Of course, with a new view on life, there is also some changes to this blog, outline below. 


  • I have gone ahead, and switched up my orgasm denial style to NO TOUCHING, and learned to savor my aching cock and balls, and reveal in the desire to cum, and NOT giving in. Post coming out soon, however, for now, head to the journal
  • Denial schedules laid out here, everything from teasing to chastity! - Orgasm Denial
  • Learned a lot of new naughty things - Will Post them!
  • I will continue my erotic story - Part 1 here- Psychic Teasing 101: Toy Making - Part 1
  • More to come, thanks for sticking around!